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Sunday, October 22 Dublin

For those of you who don’t know, my dearest friend Charlotte is living in Ireland from August to December of this year so I decided that was cause enough for a visit to her temporary home. The news spread of my trip and it has turned into a whole family occasion, but it began with just her and I.
After getting through customs in Dublin, Charlottes beautiful face was the first thing I saw. I practically jumped into her arms and we squeezed each other until we couldn’t squeeze anymore. We headed straight for our bus into Dublin City Center so I could drop off all my luggage before walking around the Temple Bar area to check out the sights and hunt down something to eat. We found a cafe in a square and grabbed a seat on the patio to people watch while we ate our fish and chips. In a matter of 30 minutes I watched someone snort cocaine and a fight break out that almost plowed right into the back of Charlotte and ended in a bloody nose for one dude. Luckily, that…

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