My dad arrives

Friday 5/17/2013

I headed out to Schipol first thing in the morning to pick my dad up at the airport. After he finally walked through the arrival gates and I gave him a big bear hug, we grabbed a Starbucks (he has an addiction) and went in search of our hotel, the Okura Hotel. After a quick trip on public transportation we arrived and dropped off our bags. My dad surprised me with Reese's and Flamin' Hot Cheetos which I have been missing desperately. On the suggestion of the lady at the concierge desk, we walked down the street to a place called Le Pain Quotidier for a bite to eat. It was a really cool little cafe with all types of bread and little snacks. We just had small things and headed back to the hotel to hang out in the spa. We spent some time swimming and sitting in the sauna before we got massages. After our relaxing afternoon, we headed in the direction of the train station. I had to take my dad to Walk to Wok and some point because I never stop talking about it and it was my last chance to have their delicious udon noodles. Luckily my dad thought it was great too. Woohoo apparently I'm a pretty good tour guide.

After noodles, I made my way back to Utrecht for the very last party of the semester. It was in the middle of nowhere in a public pool. We got lost several times on the way, but that wasn't a problem because I was having a lovely last night with my closest friends. We finally made it to the pool and hung out until the party was over at 2 AM. I was exhausted after, so I went to sleep when we got back to campus.

Saturday 5/18/2013

The next morning it was time to say goodbye to everyone. Charlotte and I went to Lori's room to watch her pack for her trip to Paris and my dad took the train in from Amsterdam so he got to meet them, along with a lot of my other friends. That was a morning full of packing and saying goodbyes. After I shook off the sadness that comes with saying goodbye to people I love, my dad and I started our lovely day in Utrecht. We walked down the main road in Utrecht all the way to the train station, stopping to look at Dom Tower and to buy fresh stroopwafel from the Saturday market. We made our way back to campus, I said a few more goodbyes, and we grabbed my suitcase to head back to Amsterdam.

After dropping my giant suitcase off at the Okura, we went into the center of the city. My dad was going on and on about how he had Indonesian rice dinner when he was here 30 years ago, so we found an Indonesian rice restaurant and sat down for dinner. It was delicious. There were so many options of what to have and it came with a fried banana dessert that was actually quite delicious. We were both tired after dinner, so we went back to the hotel to rest and FaceTime my mom.

Sunday 5/19/2013

The next day we grabbed Bagels & Beans in the morning, another place I had been raving about to my dad, and it was also a success! We just grabbed something to go and headed to the newly reopened Rijksmuseum. The place is beautiful, but it's massive and very confusing. After checking out some Rembrandts and random other things, we walked out to Museumplein and meandered through the park a bit. We did a lot of walking through Amsterdam that day. We went from the museum quarter to a restaurant called Wagsmamas which was who knows where to the Jewish quarter to see the Hollandsche Schouwburg theater and back to the hotel again. We only had the first half of the day to explore the city because we had to leave for the airport in the afternoon. We got a little lost trying to find the train station to get us to the airport, but we eventually found Amsterdam RAI and made it to the airport rather easily. We arrived two hours early to a practically empty airport terminal and just hung out until our flight gate was announced.


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