One Week Down

I've come to the end of my first week of school and it was a doozy. The classes here sure are intensive, but really engaging. I love the learning environment here even though it seems a little overwhelming when you're first thrown into it. Last night was so much fun. Thursdays are big party nights at UCU and there were many birthdays being celebrated too. We have some friends visiting who go to a different college in Utrecht and we got to show them around our school and introduce them to the people we have met. Besides some of the usual drunken drama, the night was so enjoyable and light hearted. I got to meet and talk to a few people I don't know very well yet and I felt a little more comfortable here at school. Plus I got to see one of the really cool buildings on campus called the wall.  Anton took his "birthday shot" at the bar last night (which is somewhere between 6-12 normal shots) and completely disappeared for the rest of the night. I wasn't out too late anyways, though.

I took advantage of having no class today and went into town to go shopping with Jessica. For some reason, there were amazing sales today and I got a bunch of fun and useful things for really cheap. As we were browsing the shops, we noticed the entrance to a random museum tucked into the city centre. We decided to go in and the lady at the front desk informed us that it is a museum for automatic musical instruments. It was really random, but we decided to explore. The museum was filled with music boxes and giant organs and automatons and knick knacks making all sorts of beautiful music. We went inside a tiny room in a little clock and hidden in all of the little corners and crevices were tiny music boxes to play with. I was completely giddy searching around this little room for the music boxes.

After relaxing for a bit and getting some chores done, a group of my friends went out to dinner to celebrate Anton's 20th birthday. We went to all you can eat sushi! We started off at the dessert section while we waited for our first round of sushi to come. I was so full by the end of the meal that it literally hurt, but it was so worth it. I will definitely go back when I don't eat for a full day. I think my dessert count by the ed of the meal was 4 creme brule, 1 tiramisu, 4 chocolate covered marshmallows, 2 bowls of fruit, a bowl of ice cream, a chocolate mousse, and a number of chocolate covered things. Yummm. What a great night. Tomorrow, we head out for Amsterdam in the morning for a flea market and some untold adventures.


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