Delft and Den Haag, Netherlands

The  closer I come to the end of school, the more I realize that there is still so much I want to do in the Netherlands, so I decided to take advantage of the weekend before school gets really busy again and I took a trip to Delft and Den Haag with Molly, Abi, and Lori. Our first stop was Den Haag since it's on the way to Delft. I was finally able to see the M. C. Escher museum that I've been hearing about since I got here. We went straight there from the train station. It was inside a beautiful old palace. I loved the vibe of the museum. There was a really cool juxtaposition between the old elegance of the palace and the modern boldness of Escher's work. I also had a fixation with the chandeliers that were hanging in every room. They were all made of crystal and all came in really cool shapes. I thought Escher would have really liked them. I don't take many pictures of art in museums because that's something I like to keep as just a memory. It loses meaning to me when I look back at a photo of it and it can never show how beautiful it really was.

There was a carnival going on right outside of the museum which we decided to take advantage of. We bought some nice fatty oliebollen and candy and went on a crazy fast ride. We also walked over to the Hall of Nights and the House of Parliament, which I saw in the very beginning of the year. Den Haag was so beautiful covered in snow, but I was surprised how beautiful it was without snow too. We didn't spend much time in Den Haag because we wanted to make it to Delft before everything closed. We hopped on a train and were in Delft in a matter of minutes.

We were trying to make it there in time to see the Delftware Factory, but we had some issues with the busses and just ended up walking around the city instead. There was apparently a Saturday market going on with live music, because the streets were lined with booths selling antiques and little knickknacks. I finally found some rings that I could get myself as souvenirs. I like to get rings from the places I go. I feel like it's kind of wearing the memory on your hand. We looked around the market until it started to close, did a little souvenir shopping for some delftware, saw the "new" and "old" church (leaning quite heavily) in town, and sat down for a quick dinner. I was a little brave and tried a truffle pizza which was definitely a good decision on my part. We also got to try the "best goat cheese in the world" according to was quite good.

After dinner, we headed towards a cafe called Blueberry Lunch. It was the whole reason we all took this day trip in the first place. There was a "vintage sale" going on where people donated things and local artists/craftsmen came and displayed their things. It was a really small shop and there were lots of people packed inside. For the clothing section, there was a flat rate of €2 for however many things you wanted to buy, so I ended up with a shirt, cardigan, jacket, dress, and sandals for a total of €2! On the way out of the shop, I got roped into buying some orange flavored chocolate chip cookies and a lip scrub too, but I can't complain :) We got lost on the way back home (stupid trains!), but it worked out in the end. I collected a lot of goodies over the course of the day, but I particularly like my new tea mug. It's very "Dutch".


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