A trip into town

Today was the first day I really settled into my college campus. Since the noise coming from the bar kept me up so late, I slept in quite late today. We had a leisurely start to the day and decided to catch a bus into town and look around at the shops and things. We tagged along with our new Canadian friends for the day, because they knew where they were going. In Utrecht, every street you look down is beautiful and every door you look at is ornate and special. I love looking around at the houses and shops. The canals running through the city are especially beautiful to look at.

We checked out a bunch of the shops today including a Vans store, a coffeeshop, a vintage shop filled with tons of cool sweaters, the Albert Heijn grocery store, and a very useful store called Hema. It's like a tiny version of Walmart I guess you could say. I got some juice and some dorm room essentials there like hangers and scissors. Stores are only open on the first Sunday of every month, so we got really lucky that today was that day. A strange man approached us on the street today because he saw that we were speaking English. He asked us if we were American and pulled out this really weird poem-like thing about Obama and the US and handed it to our Canadian friend. Unsurprisingly, the man was very very high. 

After grabbing some groceries, we made our way back to the dorms and had a little cooking night. A Dutch girl showed us how to make the most delicious spicy curry, and they made it vegetarian so I could have some too. We sat and talked for a long time before we said goodbye and headed back to our dorm so that I can get some real sleep after a few Skype dates with my parents and Kevin. Happy birthday mommy! Tomorrow is the first day of our Dutch Culture and Language program, so we will see what it has in store for me.


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