Crunchy ice

Another day of the Dutch Culture and Language class as usual. We practiced language, discussed "multiculturalism" in a seminar, and had a lecture by Japp Verheul. While we were sitting in class today, we look out the window and it was snowing! They were just little baby snowflakes, so they didn't stick and it was hard to get a photo of them. All the puddles of water that were around campus turned into fun little ice pockets this morning and they were very fun to step on. 

We had a short break for lunch in between our long day of class, so we headed down to Utrecht Centraal. McDonalds in the Netherlands makes stroopwafel McFlurries that I had to try, and I went back for more pasta at the Go Pasta place I went the other day. I then spent almost an hour picking out candies from a candy store. They have SO many colors/flavors of individually wrapped chocolates, and I got a ton, but they're just too pretty to eat. 

It was a great day for sweets over here, but then again when isn't it a good day for sweets. We leave for The Hague bright and early tomorrow. Actually, we pretty much leave before the sun comes up.


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