Lazy Sunday

Today was my first real day of relaxation. I slept in until noon and it felt amazing. I had to stock up on groceries, so we walked to the farther Albert Heijn since the closer one is closed on Sundays. It was such a sunny day out that I didn't think it was too cold. BIG MISTAKE. The first thing we see when we walk outside is ice on the ground.

We pretty much just hung around the dorms the rest of the day blowing bubbles and cooking together and watching a movie. The highlight of my day was this stray "campus cat" that I've seen almost everyday since I moved in. He followed Tobia into our unit and hung out with us all day. We fed him and petted him and he took a nap on our nice warm couch and purred at me. I took lots of photos of him until he decided he was content and went back outside to wander until another day.

It was so nice to finally have a day to recover from all the high energy activities we have had the past few days and especially from Amsterdam. Animals are always such a good way to relieve stress, too. Class starts up again tomorrow and it's going to be a long day.


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