Just another day

We had a full day of class today. I love that the Dutch like to take short breaks in long classes or else I would snooze through the second half of all of my classes. I resulted to getting a cup of coffee today to keep me going through the rest of my lecture. I had another language class today and a break before my next class. We went back out into the shopping world, stocked up on some groceries finally, and found some cute little things for my room. What I really want is a giant soft rug to fill my whole floor, but the thing I found today does make me quite happy. I found these really cool string balls to hang on lights. See for yourself...


It's nice to have a little personal touch to my room. After our break from class, we watched a really sad movie about euthanasia called Simon in Dutch. We ordered our first chinese food delivery today and it was delicious! You can order any food you can imagine directly to your door here. That's going to be hard to resist every day. It wasn't a super eventful day, but my last piece of news is pretty exciting. My friends and I booked a flight to Berlin for next weekend :) I can't wait to start traveling around Europe whenever I get a break from classes. 


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